‘The Butler Role’ Course

Date 18th July – 23rd July
Venue : Hotel Sahara Star, Nehru Road, opp. Domestic Airport, Navpada, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099, India.

About the Trainers – Mr. Prem Anand & Mr. Robin Stuart . Both are former British Butlers, with over fifty years of combined practical experience in serving five-star Hotels, Private households, Country homes, and stately homes in England and around the world./p>

Who are eligible?


People currently employed in the hospitality sector

Managers of five-star hotels, luxury service providers, private jet staff, cruise ship staff, butlers, and house managers of high net worth households.


Everybody is welcome

Anybody who has aptitude and longings to serve in this sector. If you are willing to train from scratch to your way up, you are welcome.

The Butler Role Course – Transform, Upskill, Progress

  • No. of Modules - 12 (combining traditional service standards with modern practices, with the focus on aptitude required for Butler’s role.)
  • Duration - 06 days
  • The course suits a variety of settings offering Butler Service. The benefit to the Company is enhanced Guest experience, improved profit margins, and heightened morale of the service staff.
  • Exciting value-add - A half-day pass to your butlers and hotel managers so that they can have a feel of the Butler Course.
  • Onsite training to suit your convenience.

Important takeaway from the Butler Role Course

  • Course material & coaching imparted to the international standards, at the fraction of the price paid worldwide otherwise. Competitive price for a competitive edge.
  • Cost effective, convenient & transformational. Total convenience as the course is conducted at locations closer to you, no need to travel abroad.
  • Exposure to international standards of service, lifestyle and career opportunities
  • Guidance and grooming by industry veterans who are handpicked by royalties, politicians and influential figures for their expertise.
  • Learning from their illustrious career history and colourful experience.
  • Practicing active listening, gaining clear perception and understanding for sound judgments in different scenarios.
  • Well-rounded Courses that add clarity, and confidence, and instil leadership quality to perform in the most demanding environment.
  • Course endorsed by Institute of Hospitality, a globally recognized organization that has been serving the hospitality Industry for over 80 years.
  • Post course community & networking support from the group of alumni on social media, job support when opportunities arise.
  • Helpful to both newbies and experienced professionals in building their careers with clear orientation and improvement

Modules covered in this course

  • The Butler Role introduction - overview & an understanding
  • The mindset needed to become a full-time Butler
  • How you make the difference to ensure guests’ needs are being met. How to imbibe principles of Maximum service. Minimum intrusion. Seamless service
  • How to ensure seamless service
  • Understand the nuances of interaction with Guests. Perfect them by applying tools in F&B standards.
  • Furthering F & B service knowledge
  • Cigar and wine appreciation
  • Understanding HSKP and Maintaining finer things
  • Turn down service – Packing & un-Packing guests’ suitcases
  • The responsibilities of being a Butler
  • How to land the job in butler services
  • Body language and cultural differences

Traditional service standards with modern practices


Major Take away of this Butler Course

Should you have the attitude and the mindset to enjoy serving, during this course We get you connected to discover the best of you. You will have the confidence to get what you want.

You will perceive things better, listen more actively to act, you can make sound judgements on various scenarios. You will know endeavoring for excellence is the prerequisite, you will learn how to accomplish them, how being emotionally intelligent can transform your life and the lives of others.

if you are new to the industry this will perhaps guide you to the next part of your journey, if you are experienced this will empower you, you will see how you can do things better, you will reflect on where you can distinguish, you will learn about live scenarios, how to handle when things don’t go the way we want to be. You can apply this to whatever you do and become successful. In a nutshell this two-week course will take you both the experienced and who is just entering into hospitality, closer to whatever you desire.

Other Benefit


This course is the same that is provided for 5-star hotel training, with more time to individuals who are participating tin the course. The course is sold in other parts of the world for thousands of Pounds and Dollars. The course is for the first time provided for public.


On completing the course finishes, you are invited to join the company face book page of Aubrei Elite from one of the course tutors, where they will post the jobs which comes through their contacts or facilitate to meet other professionals from the industry. The Facebook group will also have a hospitality networking community moving forward.

Aubrei Elite and Exceeding Expectations

Aubrei Elite and Exceeding Expectations are delighted to sponsor two places on this Butler Training program in Mumbai to worthy candidates who already work in Hospitality and may not be able to self-fund the course at this particular time.

These applications must reach us by the 25 th June 2022 to be considered

We shall select and verify applications based on the information provided. Please complete the form provided below.

Application for a Sponsored Place on the Mumbai Butler Training Program

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