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At Aubrei Elite , we live and share warm hospitality – graceful, elegant, agile, welcoming gestures, and attentive services that make the recepients, make feel at home, pampered, and cared for.

  • Household Management System
  • Butler training & Consultancy (online and in-person onsite)
  • Top-notch management of your homes in Switzerland & UK
  • Support Centre for Private Staff
  • Liaison for High-end events

Here’s presenting to you our comprehensive services that elevate the level of experience among your Guests & Service Staff.
  • Complete hands-on management and running of estates of high net worth individuals.
  • Training service staff in various settings, Household Managers, Butler services at private residences, resorts, luxury hotels.
  • Re-alignment of trained staff to suit each client’s standards.
  • Fulfill staffing requirements through our thoroughly trained professionals.

From the last two decades of our involvement in having managed some of the sought-after residences, estates, and their staff, we understand the importance of a good relationship, effective communication, and a culture of respect for each other, for a consistently pleasant experience. Nothing excites us more than seeing our clients living in comfort, creating their joyful moments with us.

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Prem Anand

Co-founder & MD, Aubrei Elite GmbH

From a head butler to the head trainer at a London-based training agency, Mr. Prem Anand’s career journey is all about the etiquette and nuances of efficient butler service. With the launch of Aubrei Elite, Mr. Prem Anand aims at grooming the frontline workforce in hospitality. With his industry acumen built up over fifteen years, he recently helped a five-star Swiss hotel to bounce back from challenges in the butler department. His role as house manager at some of the wealthiest households saw him turning around properties into smoothly run households. He’s served high net worth, affluent and renowned individuals, from royalties to industrialists, to politicians in the UK and other parts of the globe. Prem Anand, of Indian origin, strives at fortifying careers of interested talent with his international experience.

Aubrei Elite, Prem’s flagship company, helps property owners and families to set up household management systems in newly built or inherited residences. This supports them with the complete moving in, settling down swiftly while their homes are run by efficient household staff like a well-oiled machine.

We, at Aubrei Elite, also look after and maintain holiday properties or full-time occupied homes worldwide. We train your household staff like House Managers and Butlers. Offer online advice and support to your home staff as and when required. Sign up for the services par excellence. Reach out to us.

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Exceeding Expectation

Partner in Butler training course

Exceeding Expectations was founded by Robin Stuart in 2011, with the aim of passing on a wealth of personal knowledge & work experience to the talent of the industry. Exceeding Expectations has delivered training to staff from some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and resorts, some of their clients include Sugar Beach St Lucia, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Jewel Resorts Jamaica, along with private clients in PR China, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Singapore.


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We encourage those who are already working within the industry to get in touch for advice on how to progress and upskill and offer advice for overcoming difficulties and achieving a more efficient workflow.

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